Cloud Terminology Gone Wrong

Have you ever realized that the jargon relating to cloud computing can be utterly absurd to the entire non tech community? For example, who ever thought hearing the phrase you’re fully backed up could be a good thing? Or how do you explain to your Uncle Albert that the difference between a bit and a bite, is that while a 256 bit transfer will secure your files, the same in bites will yet again secure his belt to the last hole. Besides, how so you tell your daughter that Cloud Computing has as much to do with clouds as Easter has to do with directional travel.

 For that reason, we have complied a short list of Cloud Computing terms as heard from the average Joe.

Contrary to popular belief:

  1. Moving to the cloud is not a euphemism for death
  2. Having a site that is fully cached does not mean it is worth any money
  3. Haas is not a Nordic name
  4. Cloud Migration is not where clouds go for the winter
  5. Dropbox is not where you leave you clothes for charity donation
  6. Amazon S3 is not a third generation television series
  7. Cloud Oriented Architecture are not really tall buildings
  8. Elastic computing are not really stretchy computers
  9. Upgrading your cloud is not getting a better spot in heaven
  10. Internal cloud is not what you control with zen meditation
  11. Vertical cloud is not an oddly tall cloud
  12. Windows Azure is not the pain you get in your backside at the thought of cleaning you house windows
  13. IBM’s softlayer is not the middle of a computer themed cake
  14. A virtual server is not a hologram of Jeeves
  15. Adopting a cloud is not the same as buying a star

With that in mind why not start educating yourself with the different types of cloud computing and become a cloud leader.