CloudBerry Box: A Solution For Cloud Data Security & Sovereignty

CloudBerry Labs builds innovative data management solutions for cloud based storage services . In a recent press release, Cloudberry announced that they have released CloudBerry Box which is a tool that allows users to take complete control of the security measures in place surrounding data transfers and data syncs between popular public cloud storage services. According to the CloudBerry Labs website, CloudBerry Box appears to be available for download for those who are interested in evaluating the beta version.
How Does CloudBerry Box Work?
CloudBerry Box installs as an application on your PC. Each PC that is running the CloudBerry Box agent will securely sync with your the public cloud storage service. During the initial setup, you select your preferred cloud storage provider. Storage services such as Amazon S3,  Azure and Google Cloud are all supported by CloudBerry Box.
Once you have provided your credentials, you can choose to connect to the storage service using SSL for added security. You would need to configure the specific location on your hard drive that be used to store the synced the files and CloudBerry Box allows you to configure the sync period intervals to your specific requirements.  CloudBerry Box also allows you to perform your sync using a proxy server.
Once you move files into the folder you’ve synced with your cloud service, files from your synced folder will show up in the cloud and the files hosted in the cloud will also show up in your synced folder. You could install the CloudBerry Box agent on as many PCs as you’d like in order to sync up multiple PCs on your network with the files hosted in your cloud service.
Truly Private File Sharing Abilities
CloudBerry describes its Box product as being able to deliver “Truly private” file-sharing abilities regardless of the cloud storage provider you use. CloudBerry Box’s recent press release says that it is able to deliver “Unparalleled security as no third party web services are involved in data processing and users themselves control the data encryption keys.”
Alexey Serkov, the CTO of CloudBerry Labs, commented on Box saying, “Finally, SMBs and the resellers who serve them have an affordable, flexible solution that provides truly secure access to shared files from many locations.” Serkov adds, “CloudBerry provides the technology necessary to coordinate changes between users, while also storing the data securely at the cloud provider of their choosing.”