CloudCherry Uses Text Analytics to Measure Customer Sentiment

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Businesses that rely on customer feedback to generate referral and sales revenues have just received a new tool that will help them increase their bottom line. Introducing CloudCherry’s Text Analytics tool. With CloudCherry, businesses can gain actionable data based on the text generated by customers.
CloudCherry says that unstructured feedback can be integrated with overall feedback to help provide your organization with the sentiment of your customers regarding your products.
CloudCherry Text Analytics possesses the ability to help organizations increase engagement, since the cloud will be able to tell what the perceived strengths and weaknesses of your products are by analyzing all of the text provided by your customers.
With CloudCherry Text Analytics, businesses can also track consumer brand loyalties, consumer profitability and consumer awareness of your products.
“Text-based Sentiment analysis is the next hot ticket item that brands and marketing teams are looking for,” said Prem K Viswanath, Chief Brand Officer, CloudCherry.
“Adding this to our stable of omni-channel data collection channels will surely offer an even better understanding on what customers have to say, and we are confident that it will be a game-changing offering for brands using the CloudCherry platform,” adds Viswanath.
Existing customers of CloudCherry have been able to beta test the new cloud based Text Analytics tool. CloudCherry says that the beta version will allow businesses to pick up on the tonality and intensity of feedback provided to the business.
This allows the Text Analytics app to map these sentiments into broad emotional categories. CloudCherry believes that their new Text Analytics tool enhances the feedback that a business will get, as it will provide additional context behind the way a customer feels about your products or services.
If you aren’t an existing customer of CloudCherry, you can still likely get a beta version to try out for yourself.