CloudForge Development Platform Adds Onto Pivotal’s PaaS

CloudForge, the development platform owned by CollabNet is now available as an add-on service to Pivotal’s on-demand PaaS service, powered by Cloud Foundry. CollabNet is a principal developer of software development and provider of cloud-based application lifecycle management solutions.

This new collaboration will enable enterprises more freedom and flexibility to innovate and update clouds on a much larger scare than was previously possible. This can be done on both public and private clouds, and companies now have the power to rapidly grow and redevelop their clouds with little or no downtime whatsoever.

Bill Portelli, co-founder and CEO of CollabNet said, “Joining the Cloud Foundry ecosystem is a great fit for CloudForge as both platforms support an open and flexible approach to software development and delivery in the cloud…The move to develop and deploy applications in the cloud is growing every day, and CloudForge is attracting increasing numbers of developers, teams and organizations that want a practical path to scale without cumbersome restrictions.”

Cloud Foundry is an open PaaS service that supports the development, testing and launching of public, private and open source clouds.  These are available on a number of different cloud distributors including: Amazon Web Services, Vmware’s vSphere, and Open Stack. Cloud Foundry is a service by Pivotal, a top provider of application and data infrastructure software, development services, and data science consulting.

James Watters, product head for Cloud Foundry said “We’re excited to add CloudForge to the growing Cloud Foundry ecosystem…This partnership provides an integrated suite of leading development tools to enable rapid application development, deployment and scalability. CloudForge complements the Cloud Foundry philosophy of choice, flexibility and performance with a proven suite of on-demand, enterprise-grade tools and services.”