CloudLock CyberLab Finds Excessive Sharing to Be Top Concern Among Businesses

In order to ensure cloud security, businesses must take a multifaceted approach to securing their cloud apps.
According to the latest CloudLock Cybersecurity Report, over 4 out of 5 companies surveyed said that they thought excessive sharing in the cloud is their top concern.
Data leaks can happen both intentionally and unintentionally. Because of these risks, it is imperative to build a security policy that both embraces collaboration among those who are entitled to view the data.
The full title of CloudLock’s Cybersecurity Report is entitled Riskiest Industries in the Cloud: Where do you Stand?
The report is a deep dive into all of the different nuances of industries that implemented cloud apps. The report further segments businesses in the following categories:

  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • K-12
  • Highest Education
  • Government
  • Technology Industry

Of these industries listed, CloudLock broke down each industry and compared their stats from the following categories:

  • Account compromization
  • Over-identifiable Personal Information
  • Payment Card Industry Data
  • Excessive Data Exposure
  • Cloud Malware

Key Facts & Highlights from the Report
CloudLock mentions that of the industries listed, the manufacturing industry showed the least regard for keeping personally identifiable information on the lockdown.
83% of tech businesses showed more concern for appropriately granting access to users for apps, files, etc.
Healthcare IT has the least data exposures and smallest risk. This isn’t surprising due to the healthcare industries stringent privacy and security laws.
While 74% of K-12 institutions have some sort of bad language filtering system and 70% have emphasized programs that avert cyberbullying, only 1% of K-12 institutions have any sort of real focus on password security.
Only 12% of higher education institutions are considering objectionable content a security risk.
In the financial industry, only 44% of those surveyed had actually put data in the cloud. That means that data sharing and data confidentiality is the top priority from this business sector.