CloudLock Unveils Cyber Security Solution for Cloud Services

Image Attribution: Flickr

CloudLock is known for being one of the leading vendors of cyber security solutions for cloud. CloudLock has recently announced its intentions to release a full fledged cyber security suite that protects SaaS, PaaS and IaaS deployments. CloudLock’s Cyber Security as a Service offering allows administrators the ability to tightly integrate their SaaS deployments such as Office 365, SalesForce and more in order to ensure security for its end users.
CloudLock provides APIs to its customers so that they can integrate their existing cloud services directly into the CloudLock fabric. CloudLock thinks that traditional security methods are broken, considering all of the recent high profile attacks that have happened. CloudLock helps protect networks whether its cloud to site or cloud to cloud.
CloudLock provides a single portal for administrators to use in order to manage all of the security surrounding the cloud services that a business has purchased. CloudLock helps organizations add an additional layer of security to their operations so that businesses can more quickly respond to threats and potential nefarious activities.
CloudLock claims that it is the first API driven security suite in the Cloud Access Security Broker market. CloudLock provides businesses with tools and insights that help mitigate risks. For example, CloudLock protects businesses against data loss, unnecessary risks and CloudLock even provides security forensics.
CloudLock’s detection methods works on a crowdsourcing model. CloudLock uses intelligence from the U.S. and Israeli military intelligence services combined with its crowdsourced data in order to help organizations mitigate future attacks.
“CloudLock makes security an enabler of innovation, not a roadblock. It’s not about telling your users what not to do; it’s about helping them achieve what they need to do their jobs better,” mentions Gil Zimmermann, CEO of CloudLock.
“Our approach bakes security into the cloud through a cloud-native strategy that puts security first. Customers can now set the highest security and compliance bars for the applications they buy, build, and sell. It can no longer be an afterthought,” adds Zimmerman.