CloudLock's Cloud-Native Cybersecurity Platform Receives a Patent

Image Attribution: Flickr

CloudLock is rapidly becoming one of the most popular cyber security platforms on the market today. With CloudLock, businesses can gain insights into the apps and processes your end users work with each and every day.
So far, CloudLock has discovered over 91,000 apps, monitors over 1 billion files daily and has over 10 million end users under the management of its security platform.
With all of this in mind, CloudLock had been quietly pursuing a patent on its cloud based cyber security threat detection technology.
As a result, the United States Patent Office issued parent 9,141,628 B1 which covers “API-Centric Entity Correlation and Relationship Modeling, Resulting in Smarter Cyber Intelligence.”

Examining the Differences in CloudLock

The key to CloudLock’s Security Fabric™ is CloudLock® Smart Security Modeler™.
Because of this breakthrough technology, CloudLock can help you secure your environment by providing Cybersecurity-as-a-Service for SaaS, IaaS, PaaS, IDaaS as well as in-house apps built for your organization.
“As the pioneer for the cloud-native approach to CASB and Cybersecurity-as-a-Service, CloudLock is changing the way organizations are leveraging APIs to achieve centralized visibility and remediation across their entire multi-cloud environments,” says Ron Zalkind, the co-founder and CTO at CloudLock.
“This patent is further validation for how unique our approach is as we continue the march toward improved modeling and smarter cyber intelligence,” Zalkind added.
CloudLock works by using an API centric approach. CloudLock® Smart Security Modeler™ compares various risk factors found in applications. CloudLock then uses a behavioral and contextual model to monitor for any irregularities within applications.
Since CloudLock is based in the cloud, organizations that utilize CloudLock will have near-infinite amounts of compute powers to process all of the cybersecurity related data that CloudLock needs in order to properly protect your organization.