CloudManager for Ruckus’s Xclaim Gets 1,000 Customers in 30 Days

Ruckus Wireless is known for providing innovative networking solutions. Ruckus’s Xclaim product lineup allows organizations to rapidly deploy enterprise quality Wi-Fi in any location.
So you’re a growing enterprise who has started to implement Xclaim and you realize that managing all of these access points can become a bit tedious. The solution? Ruckus’s CloudManager suite.
Within CloudManager, administrators can manage all of their access points using the cloud. This can become extremely handy when an administrator needs to make a change on a particular access point, yet the admin isn’t actually in the office to perform the change.
CloudManager brings together all of the different access points in your network, even if those access points aren’t centrally located within building. CloudManager also promotes scalability, giving organizations the ability to easily add additional access points into the CloudManager portal.
One of the more important features of CloudManager is its ability to provide analytics and usage history in real time. Administrators can preconfigure reports in order to get a pulse check on the health and overall usage of their wireless networks.
For organizations that have older Xclaim wireless access points, CloudManager is backwards compatible with legacy versions of Xclaim. Therefore, there is no need to upgrade your Xclaim access points.
Although CloudManager for Xclaim is packed full of features, the best part of the software is its price: CloudManager is free. The price tag has probably fueled its rapid adoption within enterprise Wi-Fi but it’s like the old saying: “The best things in life are free.”
“To see such rapid customer adoption of CloudManager is quite remarkable, and it clearly shows how well received our new management solution for the Xclaim product line is,” mentions Biju Nair, VP and General Manager of Xclaim at Ruckus. “The feedback has been incredibly positive so far and the platform is proving as robust and flexible as we had anticipated.”