CloudMinds Technology launches XR Robot Development Kit for making a Cloud Robot Ecosystem

Mobile cloud robot system developers and creators, CloudMinds Technology has announced their most recent innovation- XR Robotics Development Kit (XR RDK) and its cloud brain platform that aims to revolutionize the cloud robot ecosystem.

The XDR RDK release has perfect timing, with the scheduled launch of its humanoid robot -the XR-1. The robot is to perform service-oriented and super-intelligent tasks and XR RDK will provide a software platform and infrastructure for robot developers, programmers and customers to explore the utilities of XR-1 and more XR robots to come in the future.

CloudMinds’ XD RDK will hold a key implementation role in cloud robotics, like how the complementary development of hardware and software brought about the smartphone revolution.

It gives way for various applications of robotics skill made by independent developers, now available via a Robotics Skill Marketplace. The mined robotics skill applications are able to be deployed to the cloud brain and accessed on XR-1 robots and XR Series robots to come.

With this innovation, CloudMinds is leading the cloud robots industry (production and operation) in the making of a robotics ecosystem where independent developers can develop and trade specialty robotics applications and software to a variety of cloud robots, starting with the XR-1.

The XR-1 Humanoid Platform is a game-changer. It commercially deploys humanoid service robots at scale, with support from its two component ground-breaking technologies: Smart Compliant Actuators (SCAs) intelligent robot joints and Human Augmented Robotic Intelligence with Extreme Reality (HARIX) that forms its cloud brain. Some applications of the XR-1 as an assistant robot includes hospitality, senior care, retail and many others. CloudMinds’ XR RDK will provide a lot of complimentary offerings, most important one of them is its Robotics Development Environment (RDE)- an online development and stimulation system that makes use of a HARIX Digital Twin to allow for real-time interaction with a digital twin of the XR robot. It does via Virtual Reality and motion capture devices.