Clouds That Reign: Cloud Security Providers on Top

Cloud Computing is not only a billion dollar industry but is it also indisputably at the forefront of the Hi-Tech world, and is rapidly gaining dominance. Creative and original apps are constantly emerging from every angle and are changing the way we interact with technology. Whether it’s how we listen to music and store pictures or file sharing and presentations, cloud technology permeates every aspect of our social and professional lives. However, with great power comes great responsibility, and cloud computing oftentimes comes at a price.


Many personal and professional apps designed to make your day as convenient and entertaining as possible have back doors or shares personal information without the users’ knowledge or permission. Moreover, many users do not realize that downloading apps on their personal phones and tablets could have major security implications if downloaded on their work’s internet network. With America dominating the cloud, coupled with last year’s multitude of security breaches such as the PRISM disaster at the NSA, confidence in cloud security was shattered.

As a result of this, the business of cloud security emerged. With several cloud security providers coming out of stealth mode in the last few weeks, it seems as though 2014 is the year to capitalize on this fundamental flaw in cloud computing. Just within the last month, Elastica received $6.3 million from the Mayfield Fund, Cybereason was given $4.6M by CRV, and most recently Apprity received $8 million in funding from Promod Haque and Gaurav Garg.

With so many companies emerging to battle cloud security, we can only speculate where this all will lead. The face of cloud in its present state is such that several interdependent services are being provided by different vendors, with the rare few attempting any sort of integration. With the lightning pace of the Hi-Tech industry today, it cannot be much longer before cloud providers catch on to the possibilities that lie in providing a fully integrated service, and thereby cashing in on a much larger slice on the billion dollar pie. Though such a feat is greater than most providers could have dreamed of up until now, it will only be so much longer for this to become a reality. The only thing left is for us to wait and see if the revolutionary will emerge from the existing pool of providers or a new player altogether.

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