CloudSmart-Now by Cloud Cruiser Delivers Detailed Hybrid Cloud Analytics

Image Attribution: Flickr

Cloud Cruiser is one of the leading providers of hybrid cloud analytics products. With Cloud Cruiser’s latest offering, called CloudSmart-Now, organizations can gain deep insights into their hybrid cloud infrastructures such as the ability to track by cost or the ability to track usage by specifics users.
CloudSmart-Now gives businesses the ability to dig deep into the cloud usage while seeing the results on a single pane of glass. This gives management the ability to understand the financial and operational impacts associated with using an IaaS provider.
Cloud Cruiser has designed CloudSmart-Now to work with the top cloud providers. Although templates can be loaded for other providers, CloudSmart-Now has built in support for AWS, Azure, Windows Azure Pack, VMware and Openstack.
Businesses looking to identify hybrid cloud waste are now empowered by CloudSmart-Now, since the software was built from the ground up with management concerns and cost saving measures in mind. CloudSmart-Now gives near instantaneous data to organizations looking to identify infrastructure changes that could be made to save money.
“We love the promise of low-cost cloud but it’s not unlimited and unless you track and measure, sprawl and anarchy quickly creep in. Our customers stay ahead and better forecast to meet business demands”, mentions Fraser McKay, VP of Products at Cloud Cruiser.
“We directly address this problem with a single solution to manage all hybrid cloud environments. You can’t manage what you can’t measure and we’ve done the heavy lifting with this new packaged offering,” adds McKay.
Cloud Cruiser says that CloudSmart-Now can be configured in any environment with only 4 steps. By simply ensuring your templates are correct, you can begin to setup a smart collect feature that harvests data for the engine. Next, your business is mapped and usage is assigned on a per user basis. Lastly, businesses simply need to report and distribute CloudSmart-Now’s findings.
CloudSmart-Now is being debuted at the VMworld conference going on in San Francisco, CA.