Cobalt Industries Announces the Beginning an Artificially-Intelligent Personalized Operating System for Cars

Cobalt Industries is one of the small Tier One automotive suppliers which was founded and is being led by a female.

Cobalt Industries, the leader in biofeedback and sensor fusion has taken out time to announce the launch of its new flagship automotive product YouX today.

YouX is an intelligent cabin solution that runs by an AI engine which works out  sensor information in real-time. Thia allows for intuitive personalization which empathizes with the needs, moods and wants of passengers.

The YouX engine takes cues from trends, behaviors and desires over time. This gives passengers customization in an unparalleled manner, fluid ease of use and seamless interaction.

YouX’s differentiation stays in its special AI capability, that personalizes the vehicle experience while keeping user data security and privacy. The special software gives responses to user behaviors and preferences in a bid to expect and comprehend passenger needs.

YouX allows for a premium, one-on-one personalized user interface to be employed in production series cars of today.

The software takes advantage of the current sensors in vehicles on the road today. This includes driver assistance camera as well as voice command microphone inputs.

The software leverages on Cobalt’s patented biofeedback technology, providing the next level of in-vehicle passenger experience today. YouX is strategically placed to become the overall entertainment, comfort and safety platform for vehicles of the present and of the future.

The Founder and CEO of Cobalt Industries, RJ Cobalt presented YouX within her wider vision for automotive user experience of the future during Startup Autobahn 2019 in Stuttgart, Germany. This industry-leading event is the largest innovation platform for connecting high-potential startups with automakers as well as other mobility providers in Europe.

Cobalt Industries revealed that the showcasing of the first YouX functionality will happen in Q1 of 2020.