CognitiveScale Implements CognitiveCommerce Cloud for Retailers Worldwide

Cloud provides businesses with a method to rapidly innovate business intelligence platforms using an infinite pool of computing resources.
CognitiveScale is one of those companies that is performing extraordinary business intelligence tasks using the power of the cloud. CognitiveCommerce gives businesses deep insights into the methods in which consumers buy specific products.
In return, businesses can use this intelligence to tailor offers to consumers, making it a win-win for both retailers and consumers.
CognitiveCommerce is patented technology that is designed to disrupt the methods that customers and retailers interact with one another.
CognitiveCommerce is designed specifically for the following industries:

  • Online apparel shops
  • Department stores
  • Grocery stores
  • And more!

“Brand loyalty is a huge problem for retailers who struggle to power game changing, ‘wow me’ experiences for their customers. CognitiveCommerce gives retailers a ‘Digital Brain,’ which when plugged behind their existing eCommerce sites or Mobile apps delivers transformative capabilities to increase conversion, engagement, and brand loyalty,” mentions Nij Chawla, Chief Product Officer at CognitiveScale.
CognitiveCommerce is “An intimate, delightful, serendipitous, and expert shopping experiences for their consumers—even when anonymous. No one does this today,” said Nij (Neeraj) Chawla, Chief Product Officer at CognitiveScale,” adds Chawla.
Put yourself in the position of a retailer; When you receive new products to sell to your customers, how do you ensure that you are using the best tactics available in order to convert a potential customer into a sale?
CognitiveCommerce’s “Digital Brain” integrates into a retailer’s existing infrastructure. The data produced by the “Digital Brain” allows businesses to learn, act and discover utilizing what CognitiveScale calls “Dark Data.”
CognitiveScale may popularize the term Dark Data, because CognitiveScale defines the term as being data that is uncollected, underutilized or neglected by other digital commerce suites.