Collaboration Between Pason Power Inc. and Energy Toolbase LLC Will Boost the Energy Storage Platform

“We are all very excited about joining forces as we feel this will enhance our ability to offer our customers the best suite of design, control, and monitoring products available. We are delivering a solution that our customers and the broader storage market needs which best positions us for the future.” said the Managing Director of Pason Power, Enrico Ladendorf.

Pason Power is a known supplier of intelligence software for the energy software market. They provide their clients with services such as building, selling, operating and support of these innovative energy storage systems through their platform. With over 25 years of expertise in the energy data field, the company has a record of one of the strongest balance sheets in the industry.

As such, this collaboration between the two parties will help to enhance their customer services by creating new, highly powerful and dynamic energy management software and control systems. In addition, there is an assurance that the deployed solar and storage systems will be better streamlined and also dependable for certain clients such as project financiers, developers and also asset owners.

According to John Gurski, the Founder and CEO of Energy Toolbase, “We are thrilled to be joining forces with the Pason team. We are both customer- centric organizations that have a shared vision for the future. Most importantly, we believe that this deal is great news for our customers. We will be able to offer them a wider suite of products that empowers them to close energy storage deals with confidence.”

There will be an easier workflow of projects between these two organizations and also quite an advanced analytics and learning algorithm for easy operations on the end to end platform. Energy Toolbase is a known as one of the leading platforms specialized in software delivery through modelling and other strategies. Despite this collaboration, the two individual organizations will maintain their different brand names.