ComplianceMate Presents the Market’s First Ever Food Safety Equipment to Incorporate LoRaWAN Technology

ComplianceMate, creators of the award-winning ComplianceMate Sensor Smart Kitchens system, displayed a big product at the 2019 North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show throughout February 7-9 in Orlando, FL. It is the industry’s foremost  LoRa-enabled temperature equipment.  The new equipment is one of the first steps to a new age of futuristic, Internet of Things-enabled temperature sensing equipment available to restaurants and food service operations.

IoT sensors, CM and Laird Technologies, Inc. understand that the commercial kitchen environment presents a special array of challenges to deploying wireless devices So they partnered to create a new family of remote, wireless temperature sensors that can function effortlessly. These sensors can work even from within a deep freezer located inside a walk-in cooler; they are that effective. To prevent traditional wireless signals (like Bluetooth) from transmitting unless some form of remediation is taken, multiple layers of insulation and stainless steel that can create an efficient Faraday cage, were included in the design.

Steve Getraer, President of CM Systems revealed that the organization already had what they felt was a very stable and reliable wireless Bluetooth sensor, they however decided to improve their systems further. Through the partnership with Laird Technologies, they came across LoRa technology and found that it was of lower cost, more durable, and produced a significantly more reliable signal even in challenging conditions.

ComplianceMate is officially the first organization to deploy LoRa in creating wireless sensor networks that can penetrate the heavy metal and insulation present in a commercial kitchen, while also boosting battery efficiency with sensors that has crazy-long durability for on an off-the-shelf battery. Another amazing thing about LoRa is that it can transmit over vastly greater ranges than Bluetooth, so it’s a perfect fit in environments (like restaurants) where cold-holding storage equipment may be located at seemingly great distance from the rest of the kitchen.

ComplianceMate put the new sensors are at the heart of their Sensor Smart Kitchen systems, which was awarded IoT Innovation of the Year at the 2018 IoT/WT Innovation World Cup® (in the Retail category).

Steve Getraer mentioned that he and his entire team were honored to lead the market in the implementation and the application of LoraWAN technology in restaurants.  CM Systems, LLC is in the business of providing the world’s leading monitoring systems for food safety compliance and operational efficiency.