Computer Talk Enhances Office 365 and Skype for Call Centers

Image Attribution: Flickr

Have you ever thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if I could completely integrate my call center into my Office apps?” With Computer Talks’s new Office 365 addition, your organization can harness the power of Office 365 and Skype for Business in order to build a contact center for your agents.
Computer Talk builds on the Microsoft Office’s push to become a collaborative solution for businesses. Computer Talk links Office 365 apps with Skype for Business in order to deliver your call center a PCI compliant solution that potentially helps you save money. Computer Talk says that its Intelligent Communications Exchange (ICE) can build a multi channel call center out of the Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for business infrastructures. Computer Talk has also joined the Enterprise Cloud Alliance at Microsoft.
“Being a part of the Enterprise Cloud Alliance not only brings us closer to the Microsoft customer community it will help build awareness to the Microsoft service integrator community and fill a gap in their unified communications strategy for their customers,” says Brandon Viamonte, Director of Sales at Computer-Talk.
“The pairing of Skype for Business through the Skype Developer Platform and ice allows Microsoft integrators to deliver end to end unified communications and customer service solutions. Our solution is extending customer service beyond just a phone call and using the power of Skype for Business to take it to chat, video, SMS, email and social media making sure enterprises are aligned with the needs of the modern consumer,” adds Viamonte.
Computer Talk goes on to say that their solution can be used with any existing PBX solution. Computer Talk’s Intelligent Communications Exchange can be run from on premises, in a hybrid setting or completely in the public cloud. Computer Talk stresses that it is a a PCI DSS compliant solution, which is a big selling point for organizations who process credit cards through their agents.