Comtech Solacom Brings in Turnkey Cybersecurity Solution for Public Safety Infrastructures

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. revealed today that it’s subsidiary, Solacom Technologies Inc. (“Solacom”), which is one of Comtech’s Commercial Solutions segment, brought in a new Guardian Cybersecurity turnkey solution. Public safety answering points (“PSAPs”) now has the ability to guard their mission crucial information and communication networks from cyberattacks, using a custom protection systems.

Purposely designed for public safety infrastructures, the Guardian Cybersecurity solution adds Solacom’s deep comprehension of PSAP operations with thriving cybersecurity technologies to take care of the cyber protection requirements of PSAPs of any size. The turnkey solution gives seamless access to pre-vetted, industry-leading cybersecurity skillsets and technologies. It can be fashioned in a way to meet the cyber protection needs of any PSAP with several services, including:

  • Strategic Consulting and Security Controls Implementation
  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment
  • Continuous Threat Monitoring, Detection and Response
  • Cybersecurity Awareness and Training
  • Remediation and Recovery Assistance

This total approach takes out the need to source, manage, integrate and make payments for cybersecurity systems from several vendors, many of whom are not conversant with the mission-critical information and communication network infrastructures of public safety operating environments.

Pierre Plangger, President of Solacom reported that as a result of the move to IP-based Next Generation 911 (“NG911”) systems, PSAPs have to address recent, more sophisticated, as well as potentially devastating cybersecurity threats. He explained that a single cybersecurity breach has the ability to compromise or cripple PSAP operations for a long time varying from hours, days, or even weeks. In a bid to ensure business continuity and public safety in a NG911 world, all PSAPs must effect cybersecurity tactics and technologies. Solacom’s Guardian Cybersecurity solution surprisingly decreases cybersecurity worries and risks at each stage of NG911 evolution and assists PSAPs in the quest to detect, prevent, detect and rapidly recover from cyberattacks.

The Guardian Cybersecurity solution can be adjusted in a customized to match with the peculiar needs of PSAPs (no matter the size) on the basis of high flexibility, operating expenditure based pricing models. This helps every PSAP to create, effect and keep a buoyant cybersecurity strategy which reduces the potential for system crashes, disruptions, data leaks as well as a loss of public confidence and reputation, stemming from cyberattacks.