Control4 Uses the Cloud to Automate the Things In Your Smart Home

One of the most exciting advancements in cloud technology is the ability to control every aspect of your home using apps. Control4 has just released it’s OS 2.8, which gives smart home users more control over their most precious assets.
Control4 is a company based Salt Lake City, Utah. Control4’s newest release of its OS 2.8 allows you to manage the security systems, smart locks and cameras within your home. Control4 says that its new OS 2.8 integrates with most IoT sensors made homes today.
In addition to providing security features for your home, Control4 also allows consumers to control their entertainment devices. With the new entertainment features of OS 2.8 baked into the platform, friends and family can now enjoy music streamed from cloud services such as Pandora directly into the entertainment systems found in thier homes.
“State of the art security systems and entertainment capabilities are key drivers for smart home adoption and Control4 OS 2.8 dramatically enhances the overall safety and entertainment experiences in the Control4 Smart Home,” says Control4 CEO Martin Plaehn.
“OS 2.8 also delivers an unprecedented amount of choice when it comes to entertainment by integrating music streaming services with tens of millions of songs that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family,” adds Plaehn.
One of the neatest features of the Control4 system is its “Mockupancy” mode. The word is obviously a play on the word occupancy and Control4 allows you to simulate occupancy in your home, even when you aren’t at home.
Why is this important? If an intruder thinks someone is home, they may not be willing to set foot in your home. If you can make an intruder think twice about stepping into your home, you’ve won the home security battle. If a breach were to occur, with the touch of a button on your Control4 app, emergency help can be dispatched immediately.