Convey Transforms Last Mile Delivery Through Program

Convey is a known organization that is focused on providing its clients with experience Management platform which combines real-time visibility, post-purchase experiences, and advanced insights and analytics to create a solution uniquely capable of perfecting last mile delivery.

As the leaders in Delivery Experience Management, we uniquely understand the eCommerce last mile and the key business challenges that our retail customers face in today’s Amazon-driven world,” said Michael Miller, Chief Product & Strategy Officer at Convey. “The last mile is notoriously complex, and our program is designed to be the connective tissue for all of the moving pieces. We’ve designed our program to ensure rapid time to value for both our partners and customers, giving retailers a last mile competitive advantage while at the same time maximizing the return on all supply chain investments.”

Kustomer works with retail leaders to ensure business success in today’s customer-first world by delivering personalized, efficient, and effortless service,” said Peter Johnson, Vice President, Product Management, at Kustomer. “Last mile delivery is a key priority for shoppers today, and our collaboration with Convey allows us to integrate delivery experience technology and data into our customer service platform to better engage and serve customers at scale.”

Logicbroker has a track record of partnering with retail leaders to redefine the shopping experience,” said Emma Cope, VP Channel Partnerships at Logicbroker. “Our alliance with Convey gives retailers the ability to see, manage, and most importantly, provide a consistent customer experience for all shipments, regardless of where they originate. We are constantly working to make dropship inventory as competitive for our retail partners as owned inventory, and Convey is a strategic partner in helping us get there.”