Cordiaa Team Collaboration For Non-Technical Workforce Now Available All Over The World

Cordiant Technologies made an announcement concerning the global availability of Cordiaa today.

Cordiaa is their AI-Powered Team Collaboration Platform for field service workers, sales teams,  non-technical knowledge workers, frontline employees,as well as for businesses taking care of lots of videos and images.

Voice and Natural Language interfaces on Cordiaa supports its traditional Graphical User Interface. Via Alexa-like commands in plain English (text or voice), users can ensure things get done and also get information on Cordiaa.

And a Do-it-Yourself Chatbot Builder allows for business end-users to create and employ their own chatbots on Cordiaa while giving any bothers to IT. These Performance enable Chatbots to deliver information required per moment by any Cordiaa user while interacting with a customer, alongside completing a process or in a case where an application has to be used.

Additionally, videos, images and scanned documents are auto-tagged at scale on the basis of their cognitive content, making use of the various Computer Vision AI models integrated with Cordiaa. End-users also have the ability to make use of cognitive content-based natural language searches to retrieve video segments, images as well as scanned documents, having up to 10x the efficiency of other applications.

Dennis Paul, Founder and CEO of Cordiant Technologies reported that Incumbent solutions such as Microsoft Teams, Slack, as well as their various alternatives are basically directed at catering to the needs of kknowledge and technical workers. However, he still mentioned that there are many more service workers and frontline employees in this world, far above the number of knowledge and technical workers. Cordiaa is focused on this large segment of the workforce which incumbent solutions have totally ignored.

Cordiaa is now available on multi-tenanted SaaS and also for stand-alone Virtual Private Cloud as well as On-Premise deployments for enterprises.