Corporate Cloud’s Effect on Future of Environment

Corporations who are trying to go green are now considering the cloud as a means to reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. While there is no way to accurately determine how much a particular cloud infrastructure can save in energy costs and carbon emissions, the Carbon Displacement Project mentioned that large corporations located in the United States could save up to $12.3B collectively by year 2020 by migrating to cloud systems. This statistic as well as the fact that environmentally friendly corporations are more attractive to consumers and investors alike has spurred a sudden interest in public, private and hybrid cloud innovation. The CDP also notes that the corporate cloud infrastructure adaptation trend will save around 86 million metric tons of CO2 from being emitted into atmosphere.

When you compare all of the research and statistics available, it seems as if the cloud will prevail as the big technological innovation of the early 21st century. Big corporations all across the USA have already begun adapting to the cloud and more are sure to follow. Not only will this make technology easier for mankind, it will also save on energy costs which will reduce the overall stress on the electrical grid. As more people begin populating the earth, the existing power grid will need to expand and in some places, that just isn’t going to be economically or geographically feasible using conventional technology. Conservation of energy will be a positive side effect of the cloud.

With alternate electricity methods such as solar and wind becoming more prominent in the future, it makes sense that a heavy investment in cloud technology is strategic to the overall bottom line of large sized corporations. The cloud is a green technology and adoption of cloud platforms will only help people and organizations do more work with less energy and computing resources. The future of the cloud will be datacenters which are completely carbon neutral. Much of the technology already exists today however energy sources will only become more mature and lower in cost as time progresses. Look for sustainable green energy alternatives to become the technology that helps keep these massive datacenters properly cooled and powered so that the world can continue to enjoy advanced cloud innovations.