Could the Cloud Be More Secure than On-Premises?

For many years, technical professionals have blindly shunned the idea of using cloud services at the expense of cloud “Not being secure enough.”
SkyHigh Networks and the Cloud Security Alliance have released a reported entitled, The Cloud Balancing Act for IT: Between Promise and Peril.

Attitudes are Changing About Cloud Security

In the report, SkyHigh and the CSA have compiled data that may suggest that attitudes are changing in regards to cloud security.
In the past, cloud security was regarded as a barrier to entry for many small to medium sized businesses. Nowadays, cloud is becoming the de facto method of deploying enterprise technology rapidly.
That’s just not an opinion. SkyHigh and the Cloud Security Alliance recently conducted a poll that shows that 32.7% of organizations have come around to the idea of using cloud services because of their baked in security features.

Cloud Security Alliance Compiles Data on Cloud Adoption Drivers

That number may rise in the future, considering the survey found that 69.2% of organizations polled say they use cloud because it can be rapidly implemented.
71% of organizations say that they have implemented cloud due to its lower up-front and/or ongoing costs associated with delivering the services to users.
Conversely, 67.8% of organizations found that they could not enforce corporate security policies using cloud based solution.
Although this represents a majority of respondents, it’s clear that the majority is shrinking.
Another metric found in the CSA/SkyHigh report is that 24.6% of organizations without a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) had difficulties in finding qualified security professionals to fill the ranks of their staff.
38.7% of organizations with a CISO reported that they had the similar problems, in finding talented security professionals.
Although the numbers in the report show that cloud security is still maturing, the fact is, the cloud security industry as a whole will continue to grow as more businesses look to move their systems into public, private or hybrid cloud solutions.