CountAbout Provides Data Migration for Consumers Seeking Mint Alternatives

Image Attribution: Flickr

You’ve probably heard of Mint, the popular personal finance app from Intuit, that allows you to see all of your different financial accounts in one place.
As more consumers become cognizant of the methods that they can implement to control personal spending, not all consumers may be sold on the popular Mint app.
CountAbout has recently been launched as an alternative to Mint. Given the popularity of CountAbout, those who would like to move their data from Quicken or Mint into CountAbout can now do so using an automated process.
Given that fact that New Year has just kicked off, many of us are looking for methods to meet and keep a budget for 2016. For those who have tried Mint in the past and maybe didn’t like the service, CountAbout gives you a fresh opportunity to pick up where you left off in Mint.
CountAbout says that it has built in support for over 18,000 financial institutions. This allows you to consolidate your checking account, 401k balances, credit card balances, car payment info and more all on one screen.
“Several years ago we were looking for online personal finance software that was richly functional, easy to use, and private, but nothing existed to meet those needs so we created CountAbout,” mentions Joseph Carpenter, the co-founder of CountAbout.
“We wanted to provide a product that would offer standard categories for income and expenses, but also allow users to add a category, or delete built-in categories that aren’t needed. We wanted a clutter-free interface, with tips for those who need them to get started, and responsive customer support,” adds Carpenter.
A membership for CountAbout is free, however, paid versions are available for those who do not wish to see advertisements when they login to the cloud based personal finance app.