Cryptocurrency Tracking App INDX01 Gets Massive Overhaul

Popular cryptocurrency tracking app INDX01 recently went through a significant update that has completely changed the entire platform.

What once started as a basic tracking app, the latest version of INDX01 has turned into a powerful cryptocurrency tracking and trading app with millions of users around the world. One of the most exciting features of the latest release is full Apple Watch integration.

Set customized alerts that are sent right to your Apple Watch, check current prices, and schedule alerts to view volume charts and historical pricing.

Not only can you customize your alerts and pricing, but you can also manage all of your coins across multiple wallets from the INDX01 app.

With integrated trackers that show you your totals for specific coins across all your wallets or only the wallets you choose.

You’ll have complete control over what you see and how you see it on your phone or Apple Watch. The updated user interface gives you more options to view, track, and analyze your cryptocurrency without creating a cluttered screen.

INDX01 will also link you out to Coinbase, a popular wallet that allows you to easily store and transfer cryptocurrencies.

The direct link makes it simple to access Coinbase from the INDX01 site, and developers plan on linking other top wallets and exchanges for even easier integration. By partnering with Coinbase on streamlined access to the app, INDX01 is making cryptocurrency management easier than ever.

Other top feature improvements include an updated user interface, integrated chat features to start discussions, an on-demand news portal, and new widgets for your phone. The introduction of multiple significant updates is set to make the app even more popular than it already is.

As with previous versions of INDX01, the app is completely free and has no advertisements, making for an even more enjoyable user experience.