Cryptzone's AppGate XDP Reduces Attack Surface by 95%

Image Attribution: Flickr

Security solutions provider Cryptzone has released its new AppGate XDP service which boldly claims that it can reduce your organization’s attack surface by 95%.
Cryptzone’s AppGate XDP revolutionizes the way resources are divided out in the private, public and on-premises cloud. In fact, businesses can restrict the visibility of apps and services based on AppGate’s built in security fabric.
When administrators do authorize a user to use a specific service, the service suddenly becomes available for the user, therefore allowing them to complete their workflow.

The Challenge of Enforcing a Security Perimeter

As cloud apps and services become more commonplace, users will seek them in order to utilize functionalities that they have become comfortable with using over the course of time.
For example, sensitive data could wind up on a Google Drive account simply because your administrative assistant likes using the SaaS version of a spreadsheet app. What happens if that person’s account get compromised?
Better yet, what if that person leaves their Google account logged into a public computer and the next user starts sifting through the Google Drive account looking for information? Your organization could stand to lose company data in this all too common scenario.

AppGate XDP Protects Against Unintentional Cloud Data Leaks

AppGate XDP eliminates what it calls “Over-entitled” network access. AppGate XDP is more than just your everyday firewall product; AppGate XDP gives organizations the power to granularly provide access to resources that could expose your business to risk.
This approach allows businesses to know who, what, where and when an end user is accessing a cloud service that could put corporate data at risk of being exposed.
On the other hand, since AppGate XDP requires authorization for anyone to remove data from the company, hackers cannot target vulnerabilities in unauthorized applications since corporate data wouldn’t have a chance to exist on these servers anyways.
AppGate XDP can be a real asset for businesses who wish to keep their data safe and within the bounds of their organization.