Curve Now Offers Apple Pay Functionality

Mobile payment solutions have changed the way users view financial interaction. European payment provider Curve, which offers a smart card and mobile app to consolidate multiple accounts and credit cards, has now started providing support for Apple Pay. It’s a boon that Apple users can benefit from since it helps them to keep their spending in check and be aware of what’s happening with their cash flows. Curve also offers clients special features, such as its “go-back-in-time” functionality, allowing users to transfer transactions up to a full two weeks after a purchase has been made.

A Complete One-Stop Mobile Solution

Apple Pay already offers saving of cards for mobile payments, and the integration with Curve is aimed at helping users monitor and keep track of their expenses. Users who integrate their Apple Pay account with Curve will receive the full benefit of the personal-finance app’s reward system. Apple Pay already has superior security built into its system. Users that add cards to Apple Pay don’t have to worry about the card numbers being stolen since the application doesn’t store those digits on the device. Instead, Apple uses a unique Device Account Number, which generates a dynamic security code each time the user wants to purchase with the app.

Curve simplifies this solution even further. The company offers users a card that integrates with the mobile app for ease of use. Curve’s rewards, alongside its personal finance features, are the most significant motivators for European users of Apple Pay to integrate the proprietary payment system into their Curve app. Curve also makes all users’ cards sidestep spending fees. Instant notifications for spending combined with categories for spending can help users get their personal finances sorted out. Curve offers a level of flexibility for users’ consolidated financial planning that allows them to be aware of where their money is going.