CyberPower Launches Next Generation of Smart App Sinewave UPS Series

Cyber Power Systems, a leading organization in power protection and power management products, reveals the release of its next generation of professional-grade Smart App Sinewave UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems. This new Smart App Sinewave UPS systems are usually customer-driven to match with critical business issues and provide innovative features which deliver flexibility, easy usability and cost-effectiveness.

With the unfolding of this age of digital transformation, organizations are beginning to be increasingly dependent on power for their mission-critical operations. CyberPower creates UPS systems which back up expanding needs and work out the problems of contemporary business processes by supplying seamless battery backup power to guard sensitive IT data and equipment in the course of power surges and blackouts.

The UPS systems designed by CyberPower supply feature-rich performance at a competitive price. The most recent generation of Smart App Sinewave UPS systems are perfect for protecting and powering essential servers as well as networking equipment.

The UPS systems can be configured as rackmount or tower battery backup units with sine wave output for the elimination of power gaps and the safeguarding of  servers, sensitive computers, telecom equipment as well as other devices having Active PFC power supplies. CyberPower Smart App Sinewave UPS systems make use of automatic voltage regulation (AVR) for the correction of power fluctuations without switching to the battery.

Units are capable of remote-management and can be bought with the pre-installment of network management card.

Some of the Customer-inspired features of the device are:

Innovative LCD screen, which turns 90 degrees for easier rackmount/tower configuration and tilts 15 degrees for enhanced viewing in a lower rack position.

LCD screen gives information concerning 47 different settings, ensuring greater ccontrol and customization with respect to UPS status, setup, control management, as well as testing options.

Color-coded rear panel makes installation simpler, especially in dimly lit server room environments.

Toolless front panel as well as battery panel access allows battery changes to be quick and simple.