Cybersecurity Practiced Launched by Renowned CPA Firm Bober Markey Fedorovich

A recent expansion of regionally-renowned CPA firm Bober Markey Federovich (BMF) has led to an enhanced cybersecurity service package. BFM’s Cyber Technology Group is introducing new services that go far beyond what you’d find with a traditional CPA firm. The group now offers cybersecurity management, advanced IT consulting, and overall network assessments and remediation.

The goal of the Cyber Technology Group is to break away from the traditional ‘service-ticket’ IT system and move toward a more robust IT consultation experience.

IT professionals are often tasked with progressing to business leaders “with no background or training in executive management. No wonder so many IT executives feel overwhelmed, and so many business leaders are looking for more impact with their IT teams. Technology is a competitive lever for any organization, but no tech team can provide that level of insight to senior management when they’re stuck running through service tickets,” says Cyber Technology Group’s managing director Chad Voller.

BFM is unique in offering both CPA and advanced cybersecurity services, strategically positioning the business to quickly become a valuable partner for corporations around the world.

By expanding cybersecurity and IT service options to clients that BMF already works with on a regular basis, it allows the team to quickly integrate advanced IT solutions without the need to learn the ins and outs of the business like an outside IT service would have to do.

Voller and the rest of the management team bring decades of combined experience to the table. BFM was founded in 1959 in Akron, Ohio and is consistently recognized as a top CPA firm in the region. With clients in a wide range of industries around the world, BFM also focuses on executive-level business advisory services, in addition to the new cybersecurity and IT management offerings.