Cyleron Inc. Announces Its Continuous User Authentication Cybersecurity Platform– CyleronCentry

Cyleron Inc., a well-known artificial intelligence enabled software and services company made an announcement today of the start of its flagship cybersecurity software solution, CyleronCentry, as well as its launch.
CyleronCentry is a continuous behavioral biometrics & user authentication & machine learning software platform.
Cyleron is a software and solutions’ company. It deals in artificial intelligence enabled cybersecurity. Cyleron’s management team has been graced to work with up to 150 companies worldwide. This includes several fortune 500 firms. The company supplies products and services of the greatest quality, with its focus on assessing & managing risk, defining security strategies, and employee enablement & engagement. Cyleron has its headquarters in Marco Island, Florida. This does not take out the fact the company has operations globally. Several companies continue to suffer digital assault by various cybercriminals, who have the aim of exploiting every possible weakness; be it in form of software, hardware, or end-user behavior.
Sadly, the larger extents of data breaches are as a result of stolen or weak authentication credentials. In the past, passwords were the order of the day. However, at the moment, they are not only outdated, but highly flawed. Passwords can easily be revealed, guessed, shared, stolen, phished or something of such sort. CyleronCentry provides solutions as the next generation of end-user authentication.
CyleronCentry makes use of advanced deep neural network techniques to run the process of keyboard data and also create a detailed behavioral-biometric profile to match each specific user. In a case whereby there’s an anomaly detected, the system security professional or administrator will be immediately notified through whatever option they choose for the purpose of analysis.
“CyleronCentry’s artificial intelligence enhanced detection capabilities makes it a valuable and formidable addition to a company’s cybersecurity arsenal. By continuously authenticating users with their unique behavioral footprint, CyleronCentry forever changes the traditional password authentication landscape,” said Susan Rebner, the CEO.