CYREN Introduces Cloud Sandbox Arrays for Zero Day Malware Protection

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The next generation of malware protection is here. CYREN has just announced its new Advanced Threat Protection Module, which is designed to block zero day malware threats.
The technology uses what CYREN describes as a Cloud Sandbox Array. While sand boxing malware is nothing new, using CYREN’s Cloud Sandbox Array is a fresh approach that gives businesses the ability to analyze and isolate malicious code before it ever enters the production environment.
“Evasive malware is an increasing challenge to first-generation sandboxing solutions,” says Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst for IT-Harvest.
“CYREN’s new cloud-based Advanced Threat Protection – combining an array of sandboxes, global threat correlation, and adaptive analysis – is a multi-faceted approach that is needed to counter the most sophisticated malware,” adds Stiennon.

How Does the Cloud Sandbox Array Work?

Using the cloud, CYREN analyzes code using a multi-sandbox array.
The cloud uses a heuristics-based engine that ensures each piece of code is properly analyzed. Beyond that, the Cloud Sandbox Array uses Big Data to compare its findings to over 17 billion traces of malicious code.
CYREN then uses the cloud to create a relationship between URLs, hostnames, IP addresses and domain names in order to assess risk.
If CYREN finds a malicious entity, the host and all other associated services are completed banned from the CYREN ecosystem, which keeps other businesses who subscribe to CYREN WebSecurity that much more safe.
CYREN mentions that it is the only security vendor on the market using the Cloud Sandbox Array approach to isolate zero day malware threats.
Furthermore, CYREN WebSecurity 3.0 is being offered as a SaaS offering, making the cyber threat mitigation software easy to deploy in any environment.
CYREN mentions that WebSecurity 3.0 will be available to the general public on March 31st.
For those wanting to get a preview of CYREN WebSecurity, you can attend CYREN’s booth at the 2016 RSA Conference in San Francisco, happening between February 29th and March 3rd.