Datapipe Achieves Platinum Level Channel Provider Status w/ Equinix

Image Attribution: Flickr

Equinix has recently rolled out its new Channel Partner Program and Datapipe is the first company to get platinum status. Datapipe is known for being a global leader in hybrid cloud solutions. Datapipe gives organizations a managed approach to hybrid cloud, which significantly reduces the margin for error when constructing your first hybrid cloud infrastructure.
By leveraging Equinix’s global footprint, Datapipe can continue to provide enterprise clients with increased security and control over their deployments.
“Datapipe and Equinix are longtime partners. We both know hybrid cloud environments, and we have been working together to deliver global, multi-platform hybrid IT solutions for the enterprise with direct connections to multiple public, private and hybrid clouds for some time,” says John Landy, CTO at Datapipe.
Many organizations are behind the curve when it comes to cloud. Datapipe helps its clients by rapidly building hybrid cloud infrastructures that increase business productivity. Datapipe’s hybrid cloud approach helps organizations securely streamline their current IT infrastructure at a reasonable cost.
“Many IT organizations don’t have the processes and/or resources in place internally to manage hybrid cloud computing, and therefore look to interconnection and multi-cloud access as a means to bring various silos of computing together to be more competitive,” says Pete Hayes, the Chief Sales Officier at Equinix. “We see the Equinix Channel Program and Datapipe as key enablers to help enterprises as they undergo major IT transformations in the interconnected era,” added Hayes.
Datapipe’s platinum status as a hybrid cloud setup and integration specialist will likely help the company get additional clients from all around the globe. Datapipe uses Equinix datacenters that are located in the New York Metro, Ashburn VA, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Seattle, Denver, Kansas City, Dallas, Amsterdam, Iceland, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore. By utilizing Equnix’s next generation datacenters, Datapipe can build hybrid cloud solutions for any organization located anywhere in the world.