Dedrone To Help Protect UK Against Threats By Drones

With the increasing rate of ongoing terrorism attack and threats, attackers have switched to a more technological mode of attack, that is by drones. Use of drones has fully graduated to a point where it is becoming increasing difficult for government to fully combat it. The level of advancement in the drone technology has grown beyond a sizeable level, this therefore has made the technology one that is easily accessible to the general public.

As a result, there is an increase in the rate of various criminal acts such as spying, distribution of illegal properties, damage of properties also. Joerg Lamprecht, the CEO and Co-Founder of Dedrones emphatically stated that drones is recent technological advancement that has come to stay. What is left to do is to ensure that it is properly integrated into the airspace industry to drive more success in that market. It is however also very important that while driving at these, extreme caution should be taken to secure the security breaches that can be brought by its use.

Dedrone is one of the leading producers in the market of airspace security. It is. San Francisco based company that was founded in 2014. They focus on creating platforms that are fully counterdrone through the use hardware sensors and also software that enable intense machine learning. These helps to detect and warn against intending attacks, also helps to properly grade the particular attack and ease the effects of this threats on businesses.

The Dedrone platform also consists of a backlog of drone activity data which has been collected through a series of airspace and as such contains important information in the fight against these threats.  The company is also working directly with the US department of Defense for this same cause. As a result of its inclusion in the fight against drone threats, the Dedrone platform will be distributed all round the UK to businesses to help them formulate security plans in accordance with information gotten from this platform.