Deep Sentinel Offers Security Lifeline to Abandoned Time Warner Customers

Time Warner Security issued a notice to customers this past week notifying them that their service is shutting down at the beginning of 2020 and offering no compensation for the hundreds or even thousands of dollars these customers have invested in their home security, not to mention the importance of a service providing security to their home.

As a result, Deep Sentinel has created an unprecedented offer to these abandoned customers: get a three-camera Deep Sentinel system absolutely free. Customers must simply agree to pay for the service for one year. This offer is especially unique as most home security monitoring companies try to lock customers into 4, 5 even 10 year contracts.

“As the emerging innovator in home security we see this unfortunate situation and we want to help,” said David Selinger, CEO and co-founder of Deep Sentinel. “Having a critical service like home security ripped out from under you with no warning has got to be unnerving. We created this special pricing specifically to help these customers not only transition, but upgrade to the most advanced offering for home security available on the market.”

Deep Sentinel is the only home security company that provides Live Sentinels: live surveillance agents who actively monitor cameras 24/7. Because of this, it is the only company that detects and predicts, then actively prevents home burglaries, auto burglaries, auto thefts, home invasions, and even many package thefts. Deep Sentinel is the only company in the United States that provides this type of service to individual consumers—and they do this at the same price as traditional alarm companies such as ADT and formerly Time Warner Security.

“We believe so strongly in the uniqueness and value of our service, that we’re confident every single person who experiences it will not only want to renew for the next year, but they’ll want to stay with Deep Sentinel forever,” added Selinger.