DeskAlerts Integrates Cloud Into its Internal Communications Solution

Businesses who are looking to streamline their internal communications have found success using the DeskAlerts internal communication platform. With the newest version of DeskAlerts, the software has been integrated into the cloud, meaning businesses can send alerts to desktops on their network regardless if the end user is working remotely or onsite.
DeskAlerts works by having a small notifications app that sits in the system tray of your desktop computer. When the administrator needs to send out an urgent message to staff members, the message will be displayed directly onto the desktop of each of the targeted computers.
“We’re delighted to roll out this latest version of DeskAlerts, which is part of our regular scheduled updates. We are particularly proud of this particular issue of the system as it includes the cloud version of our corporate communications product,” says Anton Vdovin, a Project Manager at DeskAlerts.
“We feel that a cloud-based service is a strategic addition to DeskAlerts, giving users even more control over how and where they use the service for internal communications. It is a perfect fit for DeskAlerts and an asset along similar lines as our mobile apps,” Vdovin added.
Since DeskAlerts now offers businesses the opportunity to use the cloud, DeskAlerts wont be restricted by a PC being off the company network. DeskAlerts will be able to reach any computer on your domain that has an internet connection. DeskAlerts provides administrators with an easy to understand interface that gives them control over what alerts are being sent out and who they are being sent to.
DeskAlerts also has a read receipt function baked into the platform, letting you know that your employees have seen the alert you have sent out. Since DeskAlerts has found a home in the cloud, your end users will never miss another internal communication again.