Digital Nova Scotia Collaborates with Bluedrop To Receive $2.5 Million for Skills for Hire Program

Digital Nova Scotia (DNS) and Bluedrop Performance Learning Inc. via its subsidiary Bluedrop Learning Networks Inc. (Bluedrop) has officially made the announcement of the launch of their joint “Skills for Hire” program. Tailored to comprehending and taking care of the gap in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) sector skills, the project is set to create an online mixed ICT skills program and create a career pathways for incumbent workers, recent graduates, as well as populations facing unemployment and those that are under served. Running through the province of Nova Scotia and spreading into Newfoundland and Labrador, the project has garnered $2.5 million in terms of federal funding from Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) to take care of the project for the next three years.

Bluedrop, is a creator in both the development of workplace e-learning and simulation as well as the way large organizations track, deliver and handle training. Being the ICT Industry in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador continually experiences unprecedented growth, as much as the demand for talent does.

Both organizations have combined expertise with the aim of creating a skilled workforce which meets the requirement for digital skills in beginner level ICT positions. By functioning in collaboration with local employers to comprehend the ICT resource requirements entry level, the Skills for Hire program will now be responsive to these needs and supply participants of the program with various training paths that would match their interests. Bluedrop will supply the system to manage program applications, create and supply the online training for the different training paths and host them on their learning management system.