Digital Reasoning Announces a Conduct Surveillance Solution on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services

Digital Reasoning, a world class brand with speciality in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that understands human behavior and intent, just announced the availability of a managed hosted version of its market-leading Conduct Surveillance solution on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Well-constructed with Digital Reasoning’s banking partners, it draws the firm’s proven audio and text communications analytics to the world’s leading secure cloud infrastructures.

Compliance as well as Front-Office Controls organizations enjoy the advantages from the flexibility and cost-efficiency of cloud infrastructures; however, they cannot make compromise concerning issues as security, dependability, and regulatory auditability. The Conduct Surveillance solution by Digital Reasoning has been honed through several global on premise deployments. It is depended upon in the process of monitoring tens of thousands of bank employees all through the globe, safeguarding the capital markets by the analysis millions of messages which it carries out daily, to pick out language indicating misconduct. Digital Reasoning has accrued this experience as well as its array of partnerships with leading institutions, in a bid to develop a managed hosted offering that can be trusted by the industry at large.

“With conduct risk, the stakes are simply too high to offer a hosted service without the battle-hardened knowledge of surveillance for regulatory compliance that comes from working with the world’s biggest names in banking. Our unique experience has enabled us to deliver a managed hosted solution that is every bit as robust, secure, capable and future proof as our on premise offering,” said Brandon Carl, Vice President of Product Management at Digital Reasoning.

The major advantages of the managed hosted version of Conduct Surveillance include:

  • Security
  • Innovation Backed by Experience
  • Enterprise Readiness
  • Integrated Audio and Text Analytics
  • Customer-owned keys used for data encryption throughout the solution
  • Network Segmentation
  • Access Control for all system users including 2-factor authentication and keystroke auditing
  • Network Firewalls and Host Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Authentication (SAML2), authorization and data entitlements as standard
  • Lower Cost of Ownership
  • Automated Provisioning

Digital Reasoning is highly experienced in cloud environments. This includes the development as well as the deployment of solutions which are production-ready, with bank and technology partners. Spotlight, its web-based tool for human trafficking investigations used by government as well as the law enforcement, was developed and is hosted on AWS. Digital Reasoning’s healthcare solutions makes sure to integrate with health systems electronic medical records via a secure, HI-Trust-certified and HIPAA-compliant AWS managed cloud platform. This seasoned experience enabled quick and dependable development of the Conduct Surveillance managed hosted offering on AWS and GCP.