DigitalOcean Introduces Team Accounts to Provide Additional Security and Transparency

Image Attribution: Flickr

DigitalOcean has become the cloud of choice for development teams all around the world. With its simple to understand pricing model that compliments its simple to use website, DigitalOcean’s success can be attributed to these key underlying factors. For many web developers, DigitalOcean’s products just seem to make sense giving DigitalOcean a unique place in the cloud hosting community.
Queue the newest feature on DigitalOcean: Team Accounts.
So let’s say you’re working on a project and a member of your team registers the DigitalOcean account. Should that member of your team share his or her credentials with you in order to access the development platform?
When it comes to best IT practices, the answer is “No.” DigitalOcean has formulated a solution to this problem that adds additional security while increasing organizational transparency. Inside of DigitalOcean, team accounts can now be configured to allow members of your team to access your virtual machines with different levels of access.
“We’re particularly excited about this release as it will better support teams of developers and companies working on large-scale and established applications,” says Edward Chiu from DigitalOcean.
DigitalOcean CEO Ben Uretsky provided comment to VB after the new release saying, “We’re certainly seeing great uptake in the new product release ahead of our initial success metrics with several hundred accounts activating the option just a few hours into the day.”
The move to team based accounts can be attributed to DigitalOcean’s meteoric rise as a cloud based hosting company. One of the main drivers of DigitalOcean’s success is its simple platform and relative ease of use. By adding team accounts, DigitalOcean can further simplify the infrastructure side of development while adhering to best practices concerning username and password policies.