Local Disaster Recovery Consultants Succeed with Cloud Backup Pitch

Disaster Recovery as a Service is a booming sales vertical that is keeping many local IT consultants around the USA competitive with the likes of large scale cloud operations such as Amazon. Local IT consulting firms are using the cloud as a disaster recovery and back up solution for their local clientele. This is increasing profits for the consulting firms as they ride the wave of the cloud computing boom.

The sales pitch begins by meeting with a small business and asking their leadership if they are prepared to gracefully recover from a total catastrophe. They ask if the company would be able to access all of the data needed to rebuild and begin operating again as if nothing had ever happened after a disaster.  If the small business is not able to operate again, all initial investment capital could be lost. Using the cloud as an insurance policy against total loss is the most cost effective way for many small businesses to protect themselves. Local IT consulting firms are using this pitch to reap big profits because local businesses enjoy working with other local firms and being able to sell disaster recovery services using the cloud is an effective method of incubating businesses within a community.
With a cloud based back-up solution, a company could give their employees the ability to remote into the cloud and have a working replica of the entire network. The model is an easy method to a complex problem and many small businesses are ready to offload that task onto a trusted local consultant in the area.
One company that has benefited from this model is OffSiteDataSync. The Rochester, NY based company started out several years ago as a local IT services provider and their business has blossomed into a full services cloud infrastructure provider that specializes in data recovery. The company has raised its revenues between 60% and 70% each year over the past few years. OffSiteDataSync has now started to reach out to small businesses in different parts of the country to provide its services to a broader audience. In fact, the company recently opened up a new data center in Las Vegas in order to better service its West Coast market.
Large organizations already have a disaster recovery plan but many small to medium sized businesses begrudgingly put off this task of planning out a worst case scenario and a proposed solution to the disaster. For this reason alone, you should expect to see an increase in disaster recovery consulting agencies who utilize the cloud as their primary means of recovering from a crisis.