Doctors Are Increasingly Using Cloud for e-Prescribing Pharmaceuticals

Image Attribution: Flickr

Many states and localities have begun requiring that doctors must to adhere to a set of e-Prescribing requirements.
New York state is a prime example. In the near future, doctors must begin following guidelines for New York state’s e-Prescribing mandate.
Following these guidelines could prove to be a problem, as some healthcare providers have described the compliance process as a “Maze.” RxNT has created a solution specifically for physicians in New York state that allows the healthcare provider to securely use the cloud to fulfill pharmaceutical orders at a sensible cost.
RxNT has also innovated other HIPAA compliant cloud solutions such as Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management (PM) and Electronic Prescribing (eRx).
In addition, RxNT provides health care agencies with the ability to gain access to a plethora cloud resources using either mobile devices, desktop computers or laptops.
States all around the USA have implemented e-Prescribing requirements, including the one that is looming within the state of New York. RxNT has simplified the process of becoming compliant with each state’s individual regulations, while providing cost benefits to healthcare service providers.
Within the software, there is even built-in safeguards for doctors who prescribe controlled substances.
“The combination of a powerful, easy to use, well-oiled system and the torrent of personal attention to physician orientation and set-up makes RxNT highly recommendable to my associates,” says Dr. Keith Sanborn, an anesthesiologist from New York.
“It seems that you have neutralized the complexity of the New York State maze of specifications and requirements. This whole process has been very easy and pleasant for me, thanks, in a big way, to your personal diligence and teaching ability,” Sanborn concluded.
For doctors and healthcare IT providers wanting to know more about the looming deadlines and specific guidelines for New York state, providers are encouraged to join 1 of 3 webinars that RxNT will host between 1/19 and 1/22. See here if you’d like to enroll.