Dropbox Drops Carousel and Mailbox Apps; Renews Focus on Cloud Storage

Image Attribution: Flickr

A blog post appearing on the DropBox blog indicates that the cloud storage provider has decided to roll back some of its features and functionalities associated with its popular file hosting service.
Dropbox founders penned in the blog post that they would be discontinuing the Carousel and Mailbox apps.
Dropbox notes that it acquired Mailbox in 2013 as part of an acquisition because they thought that it would revolutionize the way people send, receive and archive emails. The Carousel feature was introduced a year later, giving Dropbox users a unique method of storing and showing off their pictures.
It appears that Dropbox is renewing its focus on the Dropbox portal rather than investing it into these other auxiliary projects. For example, instead of continuing with the Mailbox app, Dropbox may look to take features from the Mailbox app and bake them into the Dropbox cloud storage platform.
Features from Carousel may also begin to appear inside of the Dropbox portal as well.
Dropbox has announced that Mailbox will be shutting down on February 26th 2016 while Carousel will be shutting down its service on March 31st 2016.
“To our Carousel and Mailbox users, thank you for embracing these products—and we’re sorry. It’s not easy to say goodbye to products we all love,” wrote Dropbox founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi.
“But ultimately, we think this increased focus will help us create even better experiences for you in the months and years to come,” concluded the duo of Dropbox founders.
After digesting the contents of the Dropbox blog post, it appears that the cloud storage provider is trying to renew its focus on what it does best: cloud storage.
Dropbox’s renewed focus on cloud storage will be focused moreso on collaboration, giving Dropbox the credibility it needs in order to enter the enterprise.