DropBox Offers New Enterprise Tier for Office Wide Collaboration

Image Attribution: Flickr

DropBox has just announced its newest tier to its popular file sharing and collaboration service called DropBox Enterprise. The new offering is targeted at large businesses that need advanced controls over the way their data is both consumed and shared.
DropBox Enterprise gives end users and administrators the same great features found in DropBox Business. The services in DropBox Enterprise are more tailored for larger businesses. With DropBox Enterprise, you can expect to receive new deployment tools, advanced control over user activity and services specifically designed for large enterprises.

DropBox Enterprise’s Key Selling Points

Scalable Tools for Deployment: DropBox makes it easy to deploy DropBox Enterprise to new end users.
Compliance and Security: Know exactly who, what, when, how, where and why something happens to a document or file in your organization. By giving enterprises more visibility and control, you can see all of the important metrics of your IT operation.
Service and Support: Perhaps you or your users have a question about the service. Perhaps you’d like to integrate app into DropBox Enterprise storage. With DropBox enterprise, customers get unparalleled service and support from DropBox on any of their endeavors.
“In just a few short years, over 150,000 companies have chosen Dropbox Business to tap into this powerful collaboration platform. And this morning, we made several announcements that underscore how we’ll continue creating richer connections,” wrote Drew Houston, CEO of DropBox.
“On top of enhancements to our business product, we introduced Dropbox Enterprise, a new product designed to meet the specific needs of the largest businesses. We also announced the Dropbox Partner Network and new Dropbox Platform capabilities, helping customers bring the power of Dropbox to their organizations,” Houston added.
DropBox also allows other neat features such as corporate branding, the ability to suspend a user’s state and the ability to sign in as a user to simulate their abilities. DropBox Enterprise looks to be the next step up for those interested in DropBox’s business offerings.