DWise Partners with Digital Element for Location-Based Delivery

DWise, an advertising specialist firm based in Stockholm, has decided to partner with Digital Element to leverage its location-based services to offer better performance to customers. DWise utilizes programmatic data to help its customers directly target their core demographic. Digital Element allows DWise to go a step further by pinpointing potential customers for its clients, which theoretically leads to better return-on-investment for the client’s marketing budget and better engagement with the customers of DWise’s clients.

How it Works

Tracking is done through the use of crucial identifiers collected when a user visits a website. Publicly available data such as country of origin, ISP, and type of connection (mobile or wired) form the central data that the system collects. As a matter of conforming to the GDPR, the user is wholly anonymized, so no information about them is received directly. The collected data is then used for geotargeting the particular user. When used alongside other data such as recent purchases, gender, or age, a complete profile can be developed for the individual, which allows for more direct targeting by DWise’s system.

Serving Contextual Advertising

Among the problems plaguing contextual advertising through geotargeting is the use of click-fraud to throw erroneous data to the website collection. However, by utilizing Digital Element’s technology, DWise hopes to avoid this stumbling block. Digital Element’s precision and accuracy of data have given DWise an added ability to serve contextual advertising to users that would find those ads relevant to their needs. The system, named NetAcuity, is Digital Element’s industry-leading IP geolocation technology offering an extremely detailed, hyperlocal dataset that retains the highest quality of user data privacy in the world. DWise’s adoption of the technology sees them join other companies such as Adobe, BBC, HubSpot, and Ogilvy as clients of Digital Element. As more businesses realize the inherent benefits of using contextual advertising alongside geolocation, Digital Element may see even more companies start using their pioneer technology.