DXC Technology and UnitedLex Win Top Legal Honors in Australia

DXC Technology is a known global organization which provides its clients with leading and independent end to end IT services company. They also provide services such as management and modernization of clients systems and helping to integrate them with new innovative solutions that will promote better business outcomes. The organization is also a known Fortune 250 company.

As such, its recent announcement of being the recipient of the 2019 ACC Australian Legal Team of the year alongside with UnitedLex is one that is highly expected. The award is known to recognize excellence shown by an in- house legal team if at least 10 lawyers, it recognizes effectiveness, innovation, management and also professional development among this team.

“DXC Legal ANZ demonstrates expertise in integrating and transforming disparate systems, processes, organizations, and teams of people,” Boymal said. “We thrive on change and, together, form one seamless, close-knit, inclusive team that is so well-deserving of this incredible honor.”

 UnitedLex, the co- recipient of the award, is a 2006 award-winning enterprise legal services provider that drives transformation throughout the entire legal ecosystem. One of the key factors that was looked into before awarding this honor is DXC’s progress on digital transformation and the ANZ team’s achievements in delivering value to the business, creating a proprietary contracting tool called FastTrack, supporting an innovative digital learning and professional development program, and nurturing teamwork across Australia and worldwide.

 “DXC Legal ANZ has embraced going digital and we are very proud of the measurable value we deliver to the business and our customers,” Johnston said. “It’s a model that many legal departments would not even begin to consider, but one that is truly seeing demonstrative results.”