Dean Drako, Owner of Eagle Eye, Buys Brivo in $50M Deal

Image Attribution: Flickr

Dean Drako, owner of Eagle Eye Networks, has just announced that he has acquired Brivo. Mr. Drako, the serial entrepreneur behind Barracuda and Eagle Eye, has received much press over the years, including a write up here at CloudWedge.
Brivo is a leading company in the cloud based access control field. For example, when someone opens a door, Brivo can beam that information into the cloud. If a person were to try and badge their way into an office, Brivo could be used as a decision maker on whether or not to grant that person access based on the security administrator’s preferences. The $50M deal makes sense for Eagle Eye, as they look to expand their operations in the cloud connected physical security world.
Dean Drako was quoted as saying, “My goal was to acquire the physical security industry’s best access control system.” Drako continues, “Brivo’s true cloud architecture and open API approach put it a generation ahead of other access control systems. Cloud solutions provide exceptional benefits and Brivo is clearly the market and technology leader. Brivo is also committed to strong, long-standing relationships with its channel partners, which I believe is the best strategy for delivering extremely high customer satisfaction.”
Eagle Eye mentions that it plans on incorporating Brivo’s technology within its offerings and the first version of this cloud based physical security software should be available in July 2015. Two of the top features of collaboration between the two vendors will be:

  • Video based evidence events that happen at doors – with the cloud, administrators can quickly scan video to find these events
  • Further visibility in video door events – The Brivo OnAir software will automatically alert security personnel of door events within the Eagle Eye Security Camera VMS.

Brivo, which was founded in 1999, confirms that CEO Steve Van Till will stay with the company throughout this transition.