Eagle Eye Networks Announces Tokyo Data Center

Image Attribution: Flickr

Eagle Eye Networks has just announced their plan to build a data center for its cloud video security offering in Tokyo, Japan. Eagle Eye Networks has established itself as one of the top vendors for the physical security world.
By offering a robust cloud infrastructure, physical security teams can gain a 360 degree view of their security systems.
Eagle Eye Networks, headed by the highly touted tech entrepreneur Dean Drako, has rapidly expanded its operations from a startup into a worldwide entity in just a few years. CloudWedge has reported on Eagle Eye in the past, such as this story about Eagle Eye’s $50M acquisition of Brivo.
With Eagle Eye Networks now expanding into the APAC region, users within this region can expect to receive:

  • A GUI written in Japanese
  • Encrypted Mobile Access for Video Feeds
  • Support for a Wide Variety of IP Cameras

“The Japan data center is our fourth data center worldwide. It’s important that video and security data be stored within the country for many regions,” says Dean Drako, Eagle Eye Networks’ president and CEO.
“Further, our Japanese user interface development shows our strong commitment to serving our customers in Japan,” Drako adds.
Eagle Eye Networks provides businesses with the ability manage every aspect of their physical security processes in the cloud.
Eagle Eye Networks’ Video Management System (VMS) allows businesses to select either cloud recording or on-premises printing.
In addition to being one of the most robust solutions on the market today, Eagle Eye Networks provides intelligent bandwidth management, an API platform for custom app development and the utilization of Big Data Video Framework.
With Eagle Eye Networks, security managers are able to find the exact footage they need since the footage is indexed in the cloud. Security administrators can simply find the time in the video and view the footage they need to see.