Eagle Eye Updates Mobile App for Cloud Based Physical Security Products

Image Attribution: Cloudpro.co.uk

Eagle Eye Networks has emerged as a leader in cloud based physical security solutions. Eagle Eye specializes in using the cloud to save CCTV footage into an interface that provides security personnel and others with the ability to remotely view CCTV footage from anywhere, even on a mobile device.
Eagle Eye Networks has just announced an enhancement to their mobile app, which will make it much easier to administrate your physical security infrastructure.
One of the biggest enhancements to Eagle Eye’s mobile app is the availability of adaptive bitrate video streams.
In English, the Eagle Eye app uses HTTP live streaming (M3U8) to detect the quality of bandwidth available to your mobile device. If you’re on a Wi-Fi connection that has a robust connection speed available, your video will be streamed at a higher bit rate.
If the connection quality is poor, the app automatically detects this and provides your mobile device with a stream that is able to be viewed without choppiness or jitter.
That’s not the only new feature in Eagle Eye’s mobile app; Baked in security features such as iOS Fingerprint Login, a re-authentication option as well as an audit trail are all available as standard features in the new release of the mobile app.
Advanced features have also been added to the mobile app. Users on both the iOS platform as well the Android platform have access to these advanced features which include momentum scrolling, the ability to trigger events based on an alert as well as the ability to control cameras remotely from your mobile device.
“We are committed to staying current on mobile platforms, and are using the absolute best practices for our mobile applications,” says Eagle Eye President and CEO Dean Drako.
“Additionally, security continues to be a top priority for Eagle Eye Networks, as we offer options such as fingerprint login to ensure only authorized personnel get access to the video,” adds Drako.