Earthlink Obtains Cisco Partner Certification

EarthLink is an ever evolving company. The IT services firm looks to stake its claim in the cloud computing world. EarthLink is taking the same route that many IT professionals are currently taking today. EarthLink decided to upgrade their skill set as a company so that they could stand out from the crowd. The cloud computing industry is expanding rapidly and companies are looking to stand out from their competitors. EarthLink has claimed its niche by becoming an advanced partner in the Cisco CMSP certification program.

EarthLink is a company that has been described as the Jack of all trades but the master of none by some analysts. EarthLink became a big player in the digital subscriber line market over a decade ago. As the demand for DSL services diminished, EarthLink had to come up with a new game plan. The company shifted its focus into consulting and formed an alliance with Cisco.
This approach is proving to become beneficial as EarthLink is one of the only companies to have the prestigious advanced CMSP certification at this time. It took engineers and employees of EarthLink months and months of rigorous testing and studying in order to achieve this certification. As a result, EarthLink has forged an exclusive relationship with Cisco that allows EarthLink to get special incentives while allowing EarthLink to use the incentives and discounts to build out an infrastructure for their booming cloud based disaster recovery services business.
EarthLink has a background in telecommunications dating back to the company’s inception. Cisco also has a strong background in this field. The similarity seems to make the two companies complimentary to one another. This background and common interest only strengthens the relationship between these two entities. Online research shows that these two companies have made significant investments in the cloud and they look to capitalize on cloud services as their businesses continue to mature.