Ecobee’s Smart Home Tech to Rival Amazon’s Ring and Google Nest

Currently, Ecobee is responsible for making some of the top smart thermostats in the world. It may come as no surprise then that the company may be expanding in the smart home gadget industry.

It was recently revealed that Ecobee has been working on smart home cameras. In addition, contact sensors — a fundamental piece of larger smart home ecosystems — have been discussed as well.

With a contact sensor, opening and closing windows and doors can trigger other things such as lights, alarm and temperature adjustment.

For example, when the sensors move away from each other, such as on a swinging door, then the system knows when it’s open or closed and can manage light and alarms accordingly.

In theory, the Ecobee sensor could be a standalone device capable of talking to other smart devices, such as Apple’s HomeKit — creating a mix-and-match smart home system.

Or, it could be used to create a pseudo DIY home security system like Nest Secure or Ring Alarm.

Ecobee probably got the idea from how Google and Amazon have been snapping up rival smart home brands such as Nest (Google), Blink (Amazon), Ring (Amazon) and Eero (Amazon).

However, Ecobee has not officially confirmed the images of their smart home tech as viable product just yet.

Instead, they said: “We’re always innovating and developing new ideas when it comes to hardware iterations and concepts — if it’s in the smart home world, you can bet we’re exploring it. This was one idea that was interesting enough to render.”

But if the render is a real diagram of a work in progress, then we can expect more smart home tech from them in the future.

There is, of course, many different components in a home, such as motion sensors, window break sensors, smoke alarms, and so on that can be built around the smart home theme.