Edgeworx Named Finalist for the Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy in 2019 Leading Lights Award

Edgeworx Inc. today announced that the company’s ioFog edge computing platform has been selected as a 2019 Leading Lights Award finalist in the Most Innovative Edge Computing Strategy category. The Leading Lights Awards recognizes the industry’s top companies and their executives for their outstanding achievements in next-generation communications technology, applications, services, strategies and innovation.

“We are pleased to be shortlisted as a finalist for the Leading Lights award from one of the most trusted industry publications, Light Reading. This recognition reinforces our belief that customers need a common compute platform at the edge to create a seamless cloud-to-edge continuum,” said Farah Papaioannou, co-founder of Edgeworx. “We are seeing a huge leap forward in the adoption of our technology from the telecommunications industry, especially those who are taking an early lead in 5G. Telecommunications companies are uniquely positioned to sit in the data path, and by taking advantage of edge computing are opening themselves up to new business models and revenue streams. These customers recognize that 5G without edge computing is just a bigger pipe, not a smarter pipe.”

By offering the ioFog technology as open source through the Eclipse foundation, Edgeworx is providing a horizontal edge compute platform that works in any industry and on any device. The company enables developers to build for the edge, allowing them to easily deploy advanced AI and machine learning algorithms at the edge to perform tasks such as real-time video streaming analysis, natural language processing, streaming analytics, and more.

Kilton Hopkins, co-founder of Edgeworx also added, “History has proven time and time again that the industry wants its infrastructure to be built on open source technology, not proprietary solutions, We make building, managing and deploying applications at the edge as easy as it is for the cloud, to offer more than just innovative edge infrastructure; we also bring the developers to the edge.”

Edgeworx is an edge computing startup based in Silicon Valley. The company’s technology, the ioFog Platform, open-sourced under the Eclipse Foundation, turns any compute device into an edge software platform. Developers can now simply and securely deploy, manage and orchestrate applications and microservices from cloud to edge.