EE Launched the UK’s First 5G Mobile Network with a Concert on a Boat

Interesting and attention-grabbing choices were made by many as the UK’s first 5G mobile network was launched.

Instead of a “normal” announcement, the launch was given fanfare from Stormzy, an English rapper, as he live-streamed a concert from a boat on the River Thames. Not only that, but his performance was a full-on light show, with lasers and fireworks.

This was all in celebrate of the 5G mobile networks being launched.

EE has launched the 5G mobile network service in order to offer faster downloads, although customers will need to buy a new handset in order to make use of the 5G.

Also to note, the 5G service is only going to be available in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, Belfast, Cardiff and London initially, with plans to expand later on.

EE got the jump on their competition by offering the lower-priced deal of £54 per month in addition to an initial £170 set-up fee for the handset. Their offer includes 10GB of data per month.

While EE may have been first, they certainly won’t be last in regard to 5G. Their rival, Vodafone, plans to switch on its own 5G service in the coming weeks.

So far, the network has allowed live news broadcast over the 5G.

This is a big deal as news channels currently use 4G connections in order to stream live video over mobile networks.

However, using the 5G capabilities, BBC’s technology correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones was able to broadcast in high definition using a single SIM card.

This is due to the fact that 5G not only increases internet speed, but also reduced delay between sending a request and gaining a response — a crucial element of the Q and A nature of live streaming.